about me

i like making things move and making things that move people
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hi. i'm an animator and video artist currently residing and working in los angeles, california. i was born in north adams, massachusetts and raised in various valleys between upstate new york and the berkshires. my dad is a painter and a musician and my mom is an art conservator, so i like to say that i grew up in museums and garage sales. i first started making audio and video collages at age thirteen when i took a kids sound collage class with nick zammuto of the books. he unlocked my curiosity and natural instinct for making art through sampling, and i haven't stopped doing that since. i got my bachelor of arts degree from bard college in two thousand fourteen, and was selected by the art department to be given the studio arts award. currently, i'm honing my craft as a video editor and graphic artist as i explore america in search of great stories and strange, forgotten media.

hire me

i am available for hire for any project you may need a skilled hand with. my areas of expertise are animation, video editing, graphic design, and archival media, but i am always looking for new skills to learn and i like getting my hands dirty. the best way to reach me is through email or by phone: (413) 884-2525